Reasons to Use Course Packets by Paradigm

1. We keep the packet process as simple as possible.

Once you have assembled your original materials and course information, just notify us and we will take care of the details. We can pick up your materials from your department office or if you have digital files, they may be submitted via our website. Your students will purchase the packets at Paradigm. If you are not at the University of Minnesota, we can ship the student’s packets to be sold at the bookstore of your choice.

We understand the time and effort you put into the creation of your course packet and the benefit to your students from a structured set of course materials. We welcome all input from faculty, staff and students. It is this input which has improved our services over the years and will continue to do so in the future.

2. Our course packet service is unsurpassed.

Some of the details we manage include:


We keep the process Simple and Convenient, either in the store or via our website
When requested, we will Pick Up your original materials on your timeline anywhere on campus


We will secure Copyright Permissions when necessary and inform you of any items which are more costly than average.

Quality Control

We always Check your originals to make sure all listed pages are included in the packet

Every packet is expertly Cleaned Up and Aligned (especially old photocopies) for easier reading
«see below»

Every packet page is conveniently Numbered and a Table of Contents is created, when needed.

Follow Up

We will check the final enrollment before we print the packets and when necessary, have Reprints ready in 24 hours or less if your enrollment or packet demand increases.

Your originals and complimentary instructor copies will be Delivered anywhere on campus

1. We have the experience to complete just about any course packet request.
  • Shipment of packets to other university’s bookstores
  • Creation of original artwork and typesetting
  • Incorporation of original artwork into packets or covers
  • Fold out maps and charts
  • Media inserts - audio and video media, interactive (DVD) media and language flash cards.
2. Our knowledge has enabled us to improve the course packet.

We are always searching for the finest equipment and methods to produce your course packets.

The process we use continues to evolve.

All of the packets we print are scanned and digitally centered, cleaned up and numbered to provide the students with the best looking and most organized copies possible.

Our bindery process is quick, durable and professional.

We will continue to add small personal touches such as clear covers and pocket back covers as we discover simple and inexpensive ways to improve our course packets.

Please Note:

If you recently had a course packet copied at Paradigm and you would like to reuse all or part of it, you may now submit the revisions via our website without resubmitting the previously copied materials.

Frequently asked questions about Course Packets –FAQ