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If this information is included in your syllabus or if you have a separate bibliography we are glad to complete this step for you. The information we require to obtain copyright permissions is in bold text below.

If you prefer to print out and fill in a form, please click this Link to download a pdf of our copyright citation worksheet. You may then drop it by the store, we will pick it up or fax it to us at 612-379-4391. Our downloadable pdf form form is interactive, you may fill it out on your computer and email it to us at

Please allow at least one week to clear copyrighted items. Some items will clear faster than others - the amount of time is determined by the rightsholder. We will keep you informed of any difficulties or expensive items as we encounter them.

Bold fields are required and requests cannot be processed if incomplete.

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If this information is included on your syllabus or you have a bibliography prepared, there is no need to fill out the copyright form. Please upload your bibliography and we will complete the copyright form using your syllabus or bibliography.

If you do not currently have a bibliography or syllabus ready, we would be happy to extract the copyright information for you directly from your original source materials.

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